Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fernandina Harbor Marina - at a dock

A bird carrier - common in these parts - gives the birds somewhere to rest to keep from drowning
We are finally in Florida but what a ride today. The winds howled out of the north all day, topping out at near 30 kts! Twice the ICW route took us partially out an inlet to turn a corner into the next part of the ICW. We saw the full force of two days of 20 to 25 kts winds - it was a confused sea that we saw coming across the outer sandbars and we bounced in all directions until we finally got far enough into the next part of the ICW channel. There was a small craft advisory for anyone going out the inlet.

BBQ at the Happy Tomato - slicing ribs
There seems to be more wind this year than last with one northerly after another. We just want to get further south to see if we can get past these northern intrusions on our fun time. At least we have full sun during the blasts from the north so the cockpit is warm. It's tough finding an anchorage with protection from the north so tonight we're tied up at a marina - but we're still bouncing around. The marina is kind of open, not a 360 protection area so wind and some waves get in. We plan on being here one more day before continuing our trip south.

Meanwhile, we had BBQ tonight at a place that was surprisingly good, pulled pork and ribs so we'e not doing too bad. The town itself is interesting with many shops and a rich history we intend to see tomorrow with a walking tour. Hopefully, the wind dies just a little!