Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vero Beach City Marina - Another Beneteau 423, next door

The bridge to the mainland - we'll pass under it to go south
Another hot day, topping 82F by noon. We ran the A/C most of the day but now the condensate is not draining properly - another thing to work on tomorrow. Waxed the leading edge of the bow to ward off the ICW mustache, it works! The constant motoring does wear off the wax so it has to be renewed periodically. The brown stain won't adhere to the wax but it will adhere to the fiberglass if the wax wears away. At least it's only the bow area that needs the renewal of more wax.

One last look at Ann's nemesis
We were relaxing on the back of the boat when we saw a Beneteau 423 pull into the fuel dock. Always on the lookout for potential forum members, I walked over to see if it was anyone I knew. The boat was from the Chesapeake and not one I was familiar with. As it turned out, they were staying for the night and backed into the slip right next to us. Strange seeing a boat that looks just like yours! We'll probably meet them on Thursday since we're not leaving until Friday morning.

Ann's ink cartridge came today so now she's back in crossword puzzles (whew!) It was easier to just order it over Amazon instead of making the run for a Wal-Mart which involved two bus changes. I bought the printer for $29.95 but the replacement black ink cartridge came to $35! Strange when it's cheaper to buy a new printer and ditch the old one than buy a replacement ink cartridge! It also takes a color cartridge which makes buying a new printer even more cost effective.

We'll be here one more day before leaving on Friday for Stuart. It takes a few days to get the boat secured for a month and a half at the dock there.