Friday, September 30, 2011

Solomons Habor Marina - at a dock

We're starting to see nicer sunsets as we move south
The morning started out innocently enough with morning preparations but then the water died. After seven years, the house water pump gave up the ghost. Being a prudent marina, I had a spare on board that was equally old but never used which I then swapped out. The alignment holes had been moved but otherwise it was an exact fit and we had water again within 15 minutes. Success stories like that don't happen very often!

These are fish weirs and they are right in the path to Solomons - be careful...
The cruise down Chesapeake Bay was getting lumpy out in the middle so we tacked in towards shore for a smoother ride even though it was a little longer distance. We wanted to reach Solomons for the weekend since strong winds were predicted for Saturday and Sunday along with very cool weather (high of 60 on Saturday!)

The marina we chose is attached to the Holiday Inn in Solomons Island and located much further in than Zahniser's Marina, the marina of choice for most boaters. Instead of a 15 minute walk to West Marine, it's just across the back lot of Holiday Inn and you're there, much closer. The dockmaster could not have been friendlier. He was there to take our lines and help us dock, what more to ask?

As mentioned above, the weather is not looking good for the next few days but starting the third day, the rate here is only $1/ft so we're intent on waiting for very good weather to go across the  mouth of the Potomac River which has a notorious reputation of being rough. So it looks like a little downtime is in order on our way south. We are basically fair weather sailors, we like ideal conditons - why go out in anything else?