Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rhode River at anchor

Notice the moon! At anchor in Rhode River
What a great day! The sun was out, the winds were 10 to 15 kts out of the west and we sailed a good part down the bay to Rhode River. The anchorage is just a perfect example of Chesapeake Bay inlets, calm waters, beautiful sunsets and a place to take Hoolie. It's days like this that you super enjoy cruising!

He circled the island for 30 min, trying to coax the dog back aboard
Meanwhile, I did the teak today, a 10 minute job with Semco teak treatment. It seems that there's always something to do on a boat. One wit told me that if everything on a boat is perfect to your tastes, then it's time to get a new boat! So far that has not been a problem with me. We got the genset fixed to our satisfaction, the Volvo main engine runs like a top after the tune-up last year, I changed all the fuel and oil filters last month, the A/C runs great after the recharging this past summer, the refrigerator now keeps 15F after the recharging in September (anybody keeping track of these dollars?...) and the two days we spent at Rock Hall allowed the boat to be washed inside and out. What's not to like about cruising? Cruise one day, do boat maintenance the next, then repeat. Actually I exaggerate, it's not that bad but you do seem to do a lot of boat work on a cruise.

We're headed to Solomon Island on Friday to sit out two days of expected bad weather. The high on Saturday is only predicted to be 58 with high winds! After that the temps are expected to return to the 70's and we'll head further south to escape this reminder of the far north!