Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock Hall at a dock - Day 2

Having the end dock gives a good view of the sunset - when there is one
Today was cleaning day. We had some mildew in the forward cabin which does not get as much  ventilation as the rest of the boat and after trying many cleaners, we found the best to simply be a solution of Clorox, 1/4 cup to 1 quart of water. Using a microfiber cloth, the mildew just wipes right off and the Clorox sterilizes the surface and the cloth (isn't this interesting......??) Oh well, not everything about cruising is exciting but you do gather a wide range of knowledge - not necessarily what you want to know but useful nevertheless.

Next was the typical reprovisioning routine and we had an offer for transportation from a fellow sailor down the dock, Jim, which made it much easier. We had Jim over for cocktails and dinner, a pleasant evening.

The grocery store is about a mle in town - closer with a ride

The storms avoided us for the most part and we'll have one more day here before shoving off on Thursday. Today was cleaning inside the boat and Wednesay is for the outside. Unbelieveable what the  boat picks up while cruising?! (where's Sharman when you need her??)