Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cohansey River Marina

Anchorage at Cape May, note the sandy beach for Hoolie relief
The tides just were not in our favor for taking the trip to Chesapeake City all in one day. So we decided to split the trip up by stopping over at the Cohansey River Marina, about half-way up Delaware Bay. The marina itself is about 1/2 hour up the river so it's a hike to get there. We came into the gas dock since no one was around but then someone finally appeared and said we couldn't stay there and directed us to a dock in the distance - but then he could not possibly get over there (too long a walk I guess) so we were on our own with a 2 kt current.

Flying saucer landed??
On the plus side it only $1/ft for dockage with electricity. On the minus side, the electricity doesn't work, they didn't answer our calls on VHF or telephone and nobody met us at the dock - what an outfit?! Once docked, we plugged into shore power and discovered that although we got a reading of 124v, there was no amperage behind it. As soon as we started to draw power for recharging the batteries, the voltage cut out. It's a sad marina.  Needless to say, it's the last time we'll ever come to Cohansey River Marina.

However, our trip up the Delaware Bay was great. There was no wind but also no waves and we made good time. It's just that we had to leave late to get under the 55 ft bridges on the canal and catch the upgoing tide. Sunday we'll leave at daybreak to catch the tide.