Thursday, September 22, 2011

Atlantic City on the Boardwalk - Rudy and Allison leave

Dancing Waters at the pier shopping center, every hour on the hour
Since Rudy and Allison had planned to leave on Thursday anyway, we decided to stay another day in Atlantic City where access to a rental car was easy compared to Cape May. After calling many car rental companies, he found out (as I did last year) that Hertz was the only company willing to rent cars one way across state lines.

Atlantic City boardwalk - a lot calmer than last year!
Before they left, we took one last walk down the Atlantic City boardwalk and had lunch on the top floor of the pier shopping center for $8 (1/2 sandwich, cup of soup and a salad, all very good). The casinos on the boardwalk are all in much better shape than the one at the marina (which was just bought out by the Golden Nugget). I think Atlantic City is still on hard times, people just don't have a lot of money to spend on gambling.

We saw Rudy and Allison off around 4:00 when they left for PYC in a rental car. They were great fun to have on board. Now we're by ourselves for the next leg of the trip down the Chesapeake Bay. Friday it's off to Cape May.