Friday, September 23, 2011

Cape May at Anchor - Rivers of Rain

Caesar's Palace - A step above Golden Nuggest
Rudy and Allison left today for New York, renting a car for the trip back. We greatly enjoyed having them on on board for the trip to Atlantic City. All stops were explored and fun was had. We don't travel all that far each day and like frequent stops, our way heading south.

The technology available to the sailor of today is truly amazing. We awoke to a downpour but we looked at the weather radar via the Internet and saw that there was a large gap developing that would allow us to tool down the coast to Cape May. So we timed our departure just as the last of the current showers ended and headed out. The Atlantic City inlet was still not too bad, at least compared to past experience. Looking at the radar, we saw showers to the west of us over land and another large mass of showers to the east of us over water, we continued to have a path south free of rain. However, it didn't last, as we approached Cape May, the showers finally caught up with us but the rain was free of lightening at least.

Now we're anchored off the Coast Guard station which is conveniently located only a few hundred feet from Hoolie relief on shore. As always, our future plans are strictly governed by the weather. We mainly rely on the raw weather radar (not the Weather Channel product) and grib data, supplemented by the NOAA marine forecasts - about in that order of reliability. We may head north to Cohansey River tomorrow if the weather looks good or stay another day and head out Sunday with better tides that would enable us to reach Chesapeake City in one day, decisions, decisions...