Sunday, September 18, 2011

Croton Point Anchorage again

Rudy and Allison
Rudy Colich and Allison are with us for the first leg of our trip. It was cold in the morning!! I saw 41 on the thermometer in the cockpit just before the sun came up. I don't remember any days that cold the during the previous year of our trip south. Hopefully it's not a harbinerger of things to come. Regardless, the trip south was smooth and warm in the sun heated cockpit enclosure. There was some floating debris to avoid in the river and in the approach to West Point, there was even a tree limb that was stationary in 80 feet of water!

Unfortunately, there was no wind. It was motoring all the way. We're anchored on the north side of Croton Point with predicted winds of less than 10 kts, perfect for a good night's sleep. We'll probably wind up at Newport YC in New Jersey on Monday night and Atlantic Highlands on Tuesday followed by a trip down the Jersey coast to Atlantic City on Wednesday if the weather holds as predicted. We hope to avoid a repeat of last year when we were trapped in Atlantic City for a week due to a passing hurricane.

Our First Sunset of the new season
It sure feels good to once again be on the water and headed south!! I would recommed the trip to anyone!