Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We checked the temperature in the cockpit and it was already 89F at 7:30am! We looked at the nearly possible anchorages for lower temperatures and found Stonington forecasted at only 84 for a high so Stonington it was! We stopped for fuel and found the same guy there who’s been there for many years. He prefers the heat to the winter cold. He also fuels the boats in January, not a good job.

We sailed for awhile before the wind died and we shifted over to motoring once again. At least the temperature was less on the water, only 80 or so. We had the tide with us so we made Stonington by 3:30 and dropped the hook, plenty of room. Our anchorages are require Hoolie relieve nearby and Stonington is no different. The relief in this case is at the breakwater at the entrance to the harbor. It’s enough for Hoolie. A sailing class came by the boat on their way into harbor, a pretty sight. A dragonfly paid a visit for awhile on the wheel.

Now we’re settled in and it’s cooled to 75 so far, a vast improvement to Branford in that respect. Tomorrow we’re headed for Block Island.