Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last Day at Block Island

At Block Island in the Great Salt Pond, there is an anchorage area that is enforced by the Harbor Master. If you anchor outside the anchor buoys, the Harbor Master will pay you a visit and tell you to re-anchor. In the photo you can see that one rather large boat is clearly outside the line of red buoys and sure enough, about 10 minutes after the picture was taken, the Harbor Master showed up in his marked boat and the offending boat had to move.

Another boat off our port side re-anchored after a bad night but wound up too close to yet another boat – they need anchoring practice! You can see that the other boat was so annoyed at the close anchoring that he put out a line of fenders on his starboard side to cushion any impact from the boat that anchored too close. There was some serious discussion that we could hear from that direction between the two captains. Such is the fun of anchoring in Block Island. In the storm that came through this evening, they didn’t touch after all (the offending boat never did move).

The storms so far tonight have been the mildest yet and let’s hope it stays that way for the rest of the night. Got a nice sunset picture. Tomorrow it depends upon the wind direction on whether we go to Stonington or Three Mile Harbor.