Friday, July 23, 2010

Block Island and more Storms

We made an uneventful trip to Block Island but had to motor the entire way, about five hours. We picked our way through the anchored boats to find a spot and thought we had a good one until the wind changed and we found ourselves right next to a Hinckley boat. I had out my usual 100 ft in 32 ft of water which has always held in Block Island in the past, even in thunderstorm winds. However, he had 150 ft out and with the wind change, we were going to come together. With that I got on the bow and let out an additional 70 feet so we swung behind him as the wind shifted.

As was well until we saw a line of thunderstorms approach on NOAA radar. The winds peaked at 30 kts but worse than that was the wind shifts, we did a 270 around our anchor but managed to avoid everyone while swinging. Certainly not the excitement that Leathem had last night but enough excitement for us. It appears the wind has settled into a westerly direction, good for us and hopefully there’s no more storms. Once again we watched the NOAA radar to pick out a storm intermission for Hoolie, successful!

We ate on board while it rained outside and hopefully can get ashore Saturday between showers.