Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last Day at Hinckley's

Hoolie has not been feeling well lately. He threw up last night several times and didn’t eat his breakfast but now seems to have recovered. There’s lots of foul stuff around, mostly leftovers that the gulls won’t eat but Hoolie will woof it up in a flash if you’re not careful. We figured he must have snacked on something while we weren’t looking and it didn’t agree with him. He moped around all day yesterday but seems to have his spunk back now. When we went for our morning walk, he “pointed” when he saw a rabbit. He’s never been trained to do that, I guess it’s genetic with the breed.

Today was the day when everything was to be completed. The Volvo (main engine) was reassembled (raw water pump, fresh water pump, heat exchanger, alignment, valve clearance, injectors) and the Panda genset was repaired (new fresh water pump, raw water pump redone, fuel line with new copper seals). Better than all that, it all worked when turned on! We now consider ourselves ready for our ICW trip in September.

While at our dock undergoing repairs, a sailboat was commissioned in the slip next to us. It was made in New Zealand. It’s a 40 ft daysailer, beautifully done with much varnished wood. I sure wouldn’t want to have to keep it looking as good as it looks now, it looks like a LOT of work to keep in delivered condition – but it’s gorgeous just the same (see photo), Friday it’s on to Bristol.