Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saturday Night Fireworks

In the morning we saw a Port Jefferson Fire Boat come by and practiced spraying the pier next to our anchorage. We didn’t think anything of it at the time but should have known something was up. The morning was spent in water sports off the back of the boat as we relaxed in cool breezes but it was certainly warming up.
In the afternoon Philip and family dinked into the Sand Pit to explore. The beaches are better there and there’s a high hill of sand to climb, fun for the kids, challenging for the adults. As Philip grilled pork chops off the end of the boat, we saw people starting to gather at the nearby beach. Something’s up we thought and for the first time thought there might be fireworks at PJ. Many of the towns around the Sound had cancelled fireworks due to budget problems but PJ evidently saved money for the entertainment.

As now expected, the fireworks started in earnest at dark and were spectacular! Matthew rated it as the best fireworks he had ever seen, quite an endorsement. The display specialized in “shaped fireworks” with stars and smiley faces along with the usual fans and explosions. Hoolie was at my feet the entire time, trembling. I rubbed his back but he just shook all over until it was over. All the kids said they wanted to come back next year to see the fireworks again! We plan on sailing some today before finding another spot for the night.