Monday, July 12, 2010

Still in Melville

All we needed to get repaired was the fresh water pump on the genset, a minor affair. However, given that we will be setting out for Florida on Sept 15 down the ICW we decided to have a general checkup of both the genset and the main diesel, a Volvo D-55. With having to order the part by mail for the genset, we’ll be here a few days. So in making lemonade, I took Ann out to dinner at the Melville Grill, the same place we first visited when we bought the first Fleetwing, an Ericson 38 back in 1994. It’s a good place with many unusual recipes. We had calamari with a Chinese twist, good.

After running the dog, we ambled back to the marina and once again marveled at the boats being worked on. I took another picture of “Numbers”, the boat with the very long keel but from the aft to show how narrow both the keel and the fin rudder were. They virtually disappear from view when looked at from behind! You really wonder how the huge lead weight at the bottom of the keel can remain attached and whether the thin keel can remain straight when the boat is heeled.

Tuesday morning the mechanic is due at the boat at 8:00 so it will be an all day affair I would suspect but we’ll probably have to stay til Wednesday to allow time for the genset mail order part to arrive. Time to make more lemonade.