Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Night Hot

Summer has arrived in earnest in Long Island Sound and probably everywhere else nearby. However, we were on the water and had cooling breezes. The kids swam off the back of the boat all morning as we watched boats leaving in a steady stream. Part of the reason for the very large crowds must have been the fireworks last night which we didn’t know about unit they started. Not only were there lots of boats but we counted 12 on one small boat, typical of many.
We did have wind so we sailing out and back for several hours before returning to Port Jefferson and anchoring west of the entrance instead of east as we had done for the last two days. With the thinning out of the boats, three was room for one more. With chicken cooking in the galley, we relented and turned on the genset and the A/C, much better for the cook.

The kids settled down into another session of watching movies, this time “Cars”. It doesn’t matter that they’ve seen it 10 times, they continue to watch it all the more. I watch a movie once and I’m done, not so with the kids. Tomorrow we’ve off to Branford and dinner at Lenny’s!