Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Magic of Lenny's

Once again we had no wind but at least the seas were calm as we motored to Branford, CT. We filled up at Bruce and Johnson's fuel dock ($5.259/gal for diesel) to the total of 23.4 gal for motoring from PYC to Branford. The Bruce and Johnson marina is a class act. We were met by three personnel at our dock to help with lines and we were warmly welcomed since we've been there so many times. The dock fee has gone up to $3.50/ft but now they offer free WiFi although I've yet to get it to work.

The rest of Matthew's family arrived in time for an afternoon swim. Their pool is pretty big and usually filled with kids so we added a few more. After a lot of splashing and general kid exercising, we were off to Lenny's. I have no problem with dock fees at B&J since Lenny's is a short walk away. There are those who think that other restaurants are just as good but they are wrong, we've sampled them all up and down the east coast. Lenny's speciality is fried seafood and the best of their offerings is fried clams, not the clam strips sissy type but rather the clam with "bellies". They are juicy, very sweet and the batter is fried to perfection - crispy, not greasy. If you arrive after 6:00, expect a wait, 20 minutes when we left after dinner tonight. They deal only in cash, credit cards or checks are not accepted. So if you ever visit Branford, be sure to drop by Lenny's and try the fried clams with bellies!

Meanwhile, I had my A/C serviced. The A/C air temperature at the air output duct was hovering in the low 60's and I thought it ought to be colder. I had made a reservation a month ago for Jerry Staunton, the service technician, to meet me at Branford. He followed my progress using the Spot link and met us at the marina just as we arrived. The A/C unit had been given an overcharge by the previous serviceman and he corrected the problem. The output temperature is now around 50F. He worked on our refrigeration before and it regularly keeps 0F in the freezer compartment. When you encounter competent technical help, you try to keep track of them and arrange for their help in the future.

Tomorrow we're headed for Essex, probably. You'll know where we head if you click on the Spot link.


Lionheart said...

Not only can we tell where you are going, but how you are getting there. From the change in SPOT intervals, it looks like you were sailing from Branford until you past the Thimbles, then switched to motoring until you got to Old Saybrook when the sails went up again (maybe they never went down).

Fascinating technology.


Bob423 said...


You're right! We motored until past Saybrook. The wind piped up to 15-20 kts (it was about 5kts in the morning). The A/C repairman monitored our progress so he could meet us as we arrived in Branford! Spot also has a "911" button where they will access local 911 units for rescue wherever you are, on land or on water. Very interesting!