Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where is Everyone?

Before getting at what's behind the title, here's Matthew's blog:

Hi, its me Matt. Today I finished my last Dragon Ball Z book. So I asked Mom to get me volume 4,5,6,and 7. We went through New York Harbor and my camera breaks, RIGHT WHEN I AM ABOUT TO TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!! Then we make our way to North Port and I went swimming. Last but not least I had a burger with mustard and taco sauce? Dried the dishes then I took a nap. More tomorrow.

One of Matthew's photos was of the "waterfall" on the East River. It's a temporary display I believe.

We had a great ride with the tide today. We left the Hook Mt anchorage with the current behind us, pushing us to 9 kts all the way to the Battery. When we turned the corner, The current was still with us all the way to Execution Rocks! Adding 2 kts or so of speed to a sailboat is a great help. However the most surprising thing is the absence of boats! We were only passed by two pleasure boats (there were lots of police and USGC patrol boats in evidence) and both of those were cruising at idle speed (see photo!). Although it was a Wednesday morning, I've never see the East River so empty! All we did was motor today since there was no wind but then there were no waves either, the Sound was like glass.
We anchored in one of our favorite harbors at Sand City near Northport. It's very protected and the holding is excellent plus there lots of room. There's a sand beach nearby if you want to walk your dog or just go for a swim. Meanwhile, I have to work on the genset tomorrow. I couldn't get it to start this morning. Hopefully it's just a fuel filter.