Sunday, June 29, 2008

On McKinney's Mooring in Stonington

Hi it's me Matt. Yesterday and today was fun. My family came to visit us in Branford. We went swimming in a pool. Went to Lenny's Indian Head Restaurant for dinner and had fried claims an onion rings. Today they left after Grandpa and I swabbed the deck literally. Then we left for Essex, whoops Nana and Grandpa changed there minds and we're in Stonington. For a good time we were sailing. I read a book on the Titanic and reread my 3 new Dragon Ball Z books. After that I played my Gameboy. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

Sunday morning in Branford dawned bright and hot. However, the boat had to be washed and water tanks refilled before leaving. Fleetwing carries 150 gallons of water but since we knew we were coming to Branford after only five days out, we had not been particularly conserving. Three kids and four adults is a lot of fun on a boat overnight but they had to leave in the morning and then we were off, heading east. Once again there was no wind so motoring was the order of the day, at least until we reached Fisher's Sound where we sailed for the last two hours into Stonington.

McKinney's mooring is still there (and unoccupied - until by us)! As usual, once in Stonington, the fog rolled in. We wonder what's in store for us tomorrow. We'd like to make Cuttyhunk but that depends upon the weather. One thing about sailing, it gives you a healthy respect for the weather.