Thursday, June 26, 2008

On to Port Jefferson

Ahoy, it me Matt. Today I did a lot. I went swimming off the back of the boat twice. One was a swimming lesson and the other was a swim. We left North Port around 1:00. On the way to Port Jefferson I read a lot and we sailed for some time. We arrived at 4:45. There were ferries going to Bridge Port from Port Jefferson. We anchored in a place were you get a nice view of the sunset. I went swimming for the second time. After swimming for awhile I got to run the dink after we were done looking at the depth of the water. More tomorrow on Matts Blog.

The Sand City anchorage is very protected and calm. We slept in and Ann prepared sausage and pancakes with real maple syrup, great! I started once again to work on getting the genset started. It would turn over but would not start. I replaced the fuel filter, bled the fuel line and a few other things suggested by technical support over the phone but to no avail. Finally, I checked the battery for the genset (duh, it has a dedicated one) and found it to be low in charge. I started the main diesel and then the genset and found that with the additional voltage from the alternator charging circuit, the genset started right up - so it was the battery after all. Live and learn I guess. So now all boat functions are fully operational.

We left Sand City around 2:00 and finally got to sail for the first time. It was a broad reach for about 10 miles with a 10 kt wind, not bad. Once again we saw very few boats, we had the Sound almost to ourselves. We found only three boats at the Port Jefferson anchorage (to starboard as we came in). As I mentioned last year, the charts bear no resemblance to reality in the harbor. At some time in the past, it must have been dredged since the depths are 20 to 30 feet everywhere. We'll probably stay an extra day before meeting with Matthew's family at Branford and a clam dinner at Lenny's.