Friday, June 27, 2008

Layover Day in Port Jefferson

Hey its me again Matt. Today I slept in for awhile after waking to a hoard of flies. A little later I went swimming for quite some time. Then Nana made the nicest breakfast. So Grandpa and I washed the dishes for her. After that Grandpa and I played a game called Munchens and this not a game play with the kids game IT SOUNDS CUTE!!!!! Then after that we went a shore and saw a lot of died jelly fish. I got to drive the dink then I read a lot. And th th thats all folks!

We elected to do a layover day at Port Jefferson. There's a pebble beach nearby for walking a dog (and exercising a kid...) so we paid it a visit. A dinghy ride was in order to explore the area. We found ice at the marina due south of us, not in PJ directly. They complained about the lack of boats this season. The sunset cruise came by, a boat we've seen many times while at PJ.
All in all just a lazy day, not bad for being retired.


Unknown said...

Hey, Bob Ann & happy to see that the Fleetwing Blog(s) are up and running. We look forward to vicariously experiencing your trip
to Maine, once again this year!
Matt's PYC jacket looks great on him...could this be boating gear for a future Junior Member of the club? Hope he finds time to fill out that application soon.

Wishing you strong winds and beautiful sunsets,
Marcia & Marty

Bob423 said...

Thanks Marcia,

I can never tell how many people (if any) are reading the blog. I'll keep it active, it's fun.