Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Titusville - We take Hoolie to the dog park

I'm read, I'm ready.......  Well, throw it already...
We've come into a rainy period but it stopped this afternoon so we took the opportunity to let Hoolie have some exercise in the dog park next door to the marina. They have two fenced-in areas, one for dogs larger than 25 lbs and one for smaller dogs.

Every light post has an osprey nest on top.
Regardless of the dogs already there, all Hoolie wants to do is chase after a ball. So we enter and the first thing we look for is a stray tennis ball to throw. Hoolie perks up at that and runs with all his might after my toss. The other dogs invariably don't keep up. They will run perhaps a couple of times but then they fade out - while Hoolie is still going strong.

He's out of shape so we didn't run him too much. We were told that Brittanys need a lot of exercise and Hoolie runs hard when he has the chance but once back on Fleetwing, he settles down and naps. We think he's an ideal boat dog.

On Wednesday, I must get the boat ready for the mechanic's arrival on Thursday to replace the aft oil seal on the diesel. As we've cruised now for almost 10 years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff we really don't use but then, we might? It's so hard to get rid of excess baggage when you think that someway, somehow, you just might need that item you haven't used in 10 years... I've got to get all the stuff out of the way so the mechanic can work on the engine.


Bob said...

Go Hoolie! He looks great!