Friday, November 8, 2019

Titusville - Gordon and Eta arrive

A wonderful dinner with friends on a stormy night - what could be better!
The dampener arrived as scheduled before 10:30. It goes between the flywheel and the output shaft and it absorbs the shock of shifting in and out of gear. With a hundred-pound flywheel spinning and a heavy propeller to start up, there's a lot of shock to absorb. After 5000 hours of engine time, the rubber bumpers started to give way. You can't just buy the wear-out parts, you have to buy the complete unit, a $1000 investment, not counting labor. Our mechanic installed it today and reassembled the rest of the parts so now we are operational again and ready for our trip to Key West upon our return in January.

Gordon and Eta followed our tracks and finally arrived at Titusville this afternoon. We were invited over for drinks and dinner tonight and just now got back to Fleetwing at 9:30, rather late for us. The dinner was superb as usual and we all had a great time.

We have a car for the weekend again and will probably drive through Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge again sometime over the next two days. We saw very few birds on our last time through, perhaps more have arrived.