Thursday, November 7, 2019

Titusville - Aft oil seal replaced

Our enthusiastic mechanic, the engine is once again apart in pieces in the aft cabin
Today was the day we had the rear oil seal replaced on the Volvo engine. The part only costs $200 but the labor takes 5 hours so the labor costs much more than the part. The mechanic that came over had never done it before but I had the instructions written by the previous mechanic for him to follow complete with photos of the stages of disassembly.

A peaceful evening
Everything was going smoothly until he removed the dampener. It's the connection between the engine and the prop shaft and is meant to absorb shocks as the transmission is engaged. The absorbing components are made of rubber and they wear out. Given the age of the engine, it was time for a replacement so the repair was stopped to the point where the dampener was to be reinstalled. I ordered a new one shipped overnight and it's supposed to arrive Friday morning. If so, he'll complete the installation on Friday afternoon.

It was hot again today but the forecast is for cooler weather over the next week. We still have a lot of stuff to get done before leaving for New York but we have next week for that. It's a busy time.