Friday, November 1, 2019

Titusville - at a dock over the holidays

Hooie loves his  beach at Bethune Park in Daytona
It was a great day, we reached our dock for the holidays. When we first started out, the Titusville Marina was virtually empty. You had no trouble finding a dock. We found it to be the perfect place for a holiday layover. The price, at the time, was only $10/ft for a month's stay and it was a secure location, not directly on the coast and not subject to extreme tidal surges.

We are secure in our slip at Titusville Marina in a web of lines
So I started writing about it in my blog and extolling its virtues in my guidebooks. Well, lo and behold, it started to fill up. Now it's rather hard to find a slip, especially for an extended stay. What are the attractions? First, it's the price. At $10.50/ft for a month, it's the least expensive marina on the east coast. Furthermore, although they are fixed docks, they are massive and the tidal range is less than a foot at most. They have newly renovated heads and showers, three washers and three dryers, and a nearby fenced-in dog park. There's an Enterprise car rental nearby with $20/day weekend rates and plenty of places nearby to visit like the Kennedy Space Center and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Add in free, high-speed WiFi that actually works and it's a real bargain. It's a great place to spend some time relaxing.

On Saturday, we'll provision at the local Walmart (there are Walmarts and then there are Walmarts, this one is an upper-tier one) and Ann wants to explore the new Hobby Lobby. Then we'll be off to see who's in town at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. It's a stopping over point for all manner of birds headed south. You never know what you'll see. It's always fun to see the local wildlife.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Welcome back to the Space Coast.

SV Puffin said...

Bob and Ann,
Glad to see you made it to Titusville OK.
I'm glad you mentioned the bathrooms and laundry. It has been a nice upgrade to the marina.
The marina filled up after hurricane Dorian. We heard that the canaveral marinas on the other side of the locks near the port, forced the boaters to evacuate. I think many ended up at Titusville and stayed.
Looks like you are on A dock again. If you are here next weekend, stop by and say hello. We'll do the same. Have fun on Black point drive. Sould be a great weekend after being the hottest October on record here in Central Florida.
Take care,
Pat and Kathy