Saturday, November 2, 2019

Titusville Marina - Now and then

Titusville in 2013 - where are the boats?
We've been leaving Fleetwing at Titusville for the holidays since 2013 and the place has changed a lot since we've been coming. The price of a month's dockage has gone up from $10.00/ft to $10.50/ft which is not too bad. The biggest change has been in the occupancy rate. "C" dock used to be empty but not more and there's no room anywhere in the marina. You have to make reservations months in advance if you want to stay for more than a few days. The photo at the top is the marina when we first started staying there, not a lot of business.

Titusville in 2019 - no room at the inn
Then I started publicizing the great rates and other attractions like a dog park next door and walking access to town. Management changed too. Titusville hired and outside marina manager and he's done great things in smoothing out the operation of the marina. The WiFi now works and the bathrooms and showers have been renovated. There's an air-conditioned captain's lounge now along with an LCD TV and in the next few months, new washers and dryers. 

All of the improvements along with the low price has attracted cruisers wanting to save a few bucks compared to higher-priced marinas farther south, especially if they are looking for a place to leave their boat for a few months. The only downside is that the entrance is open to the southeast where occasional strong winds enter, rocking boats on "C" and "B" docks. The docks are fixed since there are no tides and it's just a matter of securing your boat with adequate lines and fenders.

As I write this, we have 20 kt winds but we're fine here on "A" dock which is the best protected of all the docks in Titusville Marina. We feel secure in leaving Fleetwing with the extra lines we have in place and fenders positioned strategically. Meanwhile, we rented a car and after today's laundry and provisioning, we'll explore the Merritt Wildlife Refuge on Sunday - but only after donuts on Sunday morning from our favorite donut shop on the entire east coast!