Saturday, November 16, 2019

Titusville - It's cold here...

A Great Blue Heron, sitting on a pole, enduring the cold, not happy
Well, it's cold compared to what we're used to, not compared to up north. After all, it's 54 right now! We're used to temperatures in the 70s, not this. Our blood has thinned out and to make matters worse, we're headed north on Monday! Sunday will be our last day on Fleetwing so we will secure her for the duration of our absence. We had good luck in Deltaville with leaving a dehumidifier running set at 65% humidity so we will do the same thing in Titusville. In Deltaville, the dehumidifier prevented any formation of mildew and hopefully, we will have the same result in Titusville.

He look even less happy here
The wildlife around here did not look happy with the sudden drop in temperatures. Our local blue heron was all hunched up to conserve body heat. On Fleetwing, we just run the electric heaters to keep the cabin nice and toasty.

We will empty the freezer and turn it off. We learned our lesson on that several years ago when we left the freezer running and then suffered a power outage. Everything in the freezer spoiled and oh that stink, wow. It took months and many washings to get rid of the odor. Never again.

We have a two day drip ahead of us to Deltaville and then it's a one day hop to home - to the frozen north for the holidays.