Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Titusville - TV antenna roosts and moon rising

Gee, thanks for the great perch!!
You see a lot of TV antennas on boats of the type that look like a UFO, a horizontal disk with a circular antenna inside. The higher the antenna is mounted, the better the reception of far away stations. The highest part of a boat is the top of the mast so you'll see most antennas mounted there. It's also the most sought after perch by ospreys. They like the high ground with a good view and a TV antenna mounted on the top of the mast is the perfect osprey perch. What's good for the osprey is not necessarily good for the cleanliness of your boat!

If you have such an antenna mounted on top of your mast, you're doing your part to ensure the survival of ospreys but, perhaps, at the expense of a little clean up once in a while. They are beautiful birds to watch, just not too close to your boat.

We had a "super moon" tonight, the brightest one in 2019. It's when the moon comes closest to the earth in 2019. Although we don't get good sunsets, we do have a good view of the rising moon from Titusville. It really was beautiful There were a few clouds to add some color to the picture. Tomorrow there may be a rocket launch at night, great!