Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Titusville - Summer Breeze drops by

It good to meet boaters along the way
There are a lot of boaters that read my blog and know me from my Facebook page on conditions on the ICW. Occasionally, we get visits from those who have read my blog or posts. Today, the crew of Summer  Breeze dropped by, Bruce and Rosie Phillips for a very pleasant afternoon chat. We always like to meet boaters along the way so if you're in the area, just drop by.

I was wrong yesterday about the rocket launch, it's scheduled for Thursday, not tonight. It will be a nighttime launch so it ought to be spectacular. I'll take pictures for the blog. This is the launch that will also include the Israel moon shot vehicle that's aiming for a soft landing on the moon. 

Titusville has a boat that comes right to your boat, very convenient
Titusville is home to a lot of liveaboards. With that, they offer two pump outs a week, Wednesday and Saturday. There is no charge for the service although I do tip $5 to the attendant. They also do the same service for those on the moorings. It's just good business sense for the marina and for the environment. Meanwhile, we're just enjoying the warm weather, great thing that is.


Lawrence Leonard said...

I read your blog almost every day. Since Elaine & I are no longer cruising, your blog allows me to keep track of life on the water. Your daily entries are a delight. I know it requires considerable effort to maintain a daily blog so thank you very much.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence Leonard C.L.O.D.

Rosie Phillips said...

Hi Bob,
Thanks for including us in your post! I'd like to post this one as well on my blog, if that is ok with you.
Summer Breeze