Monday, February 25, 2019

Titusville - Dog Pavilion and loose boat

The dog crowd in the afternoon
The winds blew last night, a steady 20 kts and the boat rocked, even at a dock. We didn't mind, we were rocked to sleep. The marina is open to the southeast so waves can curve around into the harbor even in a northeast wind like today. That is yet again another reason to get a 5 ft long inflatable fender from Easystow. They make so much sense and you never know when you might need that level of extra protection. We left Fleetwing for three months at Titusville through many storms and the inflatable fender performed like a champ. The secret is the 5 ft length so it won't pop out when the boat moves around. Don't think about it, buy one. It stores easily in a locker.

There's a pavilion at the dock park here with a name just perfect for a dog park. I'll let you look at the nameplate. As usual, Hoolie just ran and ran. He's getting on in age, now about 10.5 years old but he's still spry as anything, so far.

It's heartbreaking to see, but it happens
With the strong winds, we had a boat drag its anchor and wound up against the bulkhead. It's heartbreaking to see and we didn't see the owner near the boat today. The anchorage is wide open to winds building up wave action and it took its toll on the boat.