Friday, February 15, 2019

Titusville - Rental return and up the mast

It's always good to have someone like this in the harbor for rigging inspections
We rented a car one-way and had to pay $0.24/mile for the privilege of driving to a location other than the one we rented from. It seems excessive but that's the only deal we could get. On the way, we looked at a potential new car, a Honda CR-V so we'll see if we can replace our 170K minivan and our 120K Buick LeSabre. However, none of this will happen until we return to New York.

The wood storks made their appearance today for the first time when we were here
The weather continues to warm up, we'll take it. I'm deep into reviewing the next beta of Aqua Map. The features that will be added are far in advance of anything out there. I think the boating community will be amazed at the added capability and I get the chance to fine-tune the app for all our use. I'm anxious to write about it but I can't until the new Aqua Map is announced.

We are getting into the routine of a morning run and an afternoon trip tot he dog park to let Hoolie run. The weather permits it and we enjoy the outing. I need to have the rigging inspected so I'll contact that guy up on the mast to see if he'll inspect Fleetwing too. It's been 14 years without a look see.