Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Titusville - Ibid, manatee, and Westland

The marina next door
There are two marinas in the harbor, Titusville Marina and Westland Marina.  The latter is more of a liveaboard community and has lots of haulout space for out of the water storage. It's a DIY yard although they have mechanics that will work on your boat if you cannot. They are somewhat less expensive than Titusville Marina and it's also better protected since it's farther into the harbor away from the entrance. But, it's harder to get a slip there too. I've always been happy with where I'm at now and haven't tried to change marinas.

Ibis, all pointing in the same direcction
We have a local population of white ibis around the area. They are smallish birds and congregate around bodies of water. They are all over the place in this part of Florida. They don't seem to migrate and they've always been around when we've come through the area.

He didn't want to come out an play, just lazed in the water, passing the time, no hurry...
 I saw a manatee today but he wasn't doing too much, just being lazy. He did have propeller marks on his back which is pretty common for manatees in this area. You will never hit a porpoise, they move out of the way much faster than you can travel in a boat but a manatee is a different sort of creature. I've never run into one yet but many people have. It's rare to see a manatee with an unmarked back and this one is no exception.

On Thursday, we get our rigging inspected for the first time in 14 years. I don't know what the rigger will find, hopefully, it's not too bad. While he's up there, I'll have him replace my 10 years old LED anchor light and repair my deck light. He'll take photos and we'll take it from there.


SV Puffin said...

Bob, We will let you know about the 23rd as the date comes closer. I know your GPX route was most helpful when we traveled to St. Augustine during the holidays. I have an AQUAmap question for you....Do the new versions (or maybe the current one but I can't find it) have the ability to enter lat/long data for waypoints and set up a route? I use the Android version. I also noticed that the maps were off a bit in the Palm Coast area. Do you see that also?
Thanks, Patrick
PS. I had Westland Marina Haul my boat out for a bottom job this fall. Everyone was super nice.

Bob423 said...

SV Puffin, I’m glad the GPX routes were of use. I use Aqua Map all the time to make the USACE routes using the supplied Lat/Long coordinates. If there are 5 waypoints, then I place 5 on the chart and edit the position of each one with the Lat/Long wheels, very simple and fast. There’s no typing in of numbers, just turning a wheel.

The palm coast area is still a problem for NOAA which is what the Aqua Map charts are based on. I’ll see about doing a ttutoral on making a route.