Thursday, February 21, 2019

Titusville - Rocket Launch Tonight

Summer Breeze - Bruce and Rosie Phillips on a mooring at Titusville
It's a good perch to view the Space X launch
We're all waiting for a Space X rocket launch tonight. It will carry a communications satellite to orbit but also an Isreal lunar lander! It's hitching a ride on the major payer of the launch, the communications satellite and will then head for the moon. It's going a take a very leisurely path with multiple orbits around the Earth to save fuel but it will reach the moon eventually.

We'll head out around 8:30 and hope for the best. Details.
We just came back from viewing the launch from the end of "A Dock".
The first light, the launch starts
Space X is starting to climb!
Up, up and away!


Rosie Phillips said...

Wow, great shot of Summer Breeze! We didn’t see you come by, you should’ve stopped!
And yes, the launch was awesome. Your view was just as good as ours and your photos are better!

Bob423 said...

Rosie, it's a shot with a lot of zoom. It was taken from my dock.

Rosie Phillips said...

Fooled me! Great shot! All your photos are great.