Monday, February 19, 2018

Key West - Last day and a sick day for us

The picture was taken before the crud hit us. That's Naalie to the left of the photo and Sarah to the right
Sarah: This morning we had bagels and did some homework. After that we got ready and headed for the beach. The entrance to the park is real fancy and new. It was pretty windy today, but there was no rain. At the beach we went swimming and I had my leftover Cuban sandwich for lunch. The sun was nice and hot; with the breeze it felt pretty nice. After the beach I headed over to an appointment for my sunburn that looks weird. Now were just settling down and were probably going out to enjoy are last night in Key West, bye.

Natalie: Today was a calm, fun day! I finished up my homework, which got a burden off my back. Then it was not rainy today so we got our swim gear together and went out to the beach. Sarah and I swam for a while then dad joined me for a climb on the rocks and mom took me to get some lunch while Sarah and Dad had the rest of the Cuban sandwich! Sadly our beach time got cut short due to a really bad sunburn on Sarah. But this did not stop dad and I taking an adventure to the southernmost point of the continental U.S.A. First we went to a little beach and walked all the way to the end of the dock to take a few pictures. It was a good thing since having no patience waiting in a long line just to take a picture in front of a big buoy! Dad and I found an ice cream place and talked with a nice lady from Massachusetts. After coming back to the boat and showering, I am ready to settle down, Au revoir Key West!   

It was a good day for the crew but not for the captain and first mate. We both caught something and spent the day in bed. It was a big nasty so please excuse the short post. I think Ann and I will hit the hay by 9:00 at the latest. Hopefully, we’ll be better tomorrow. 


Bob said...

Bob - get well soon - need to enjoy all that great weather you are having. A warm spell in CT for your family when they return, but it's still February up here. Keep up the great writing.

Bob423 said...

Bob, everybody just left a few minutes ago. Ann and I feel like a wet rag with about as much ambition. Nothing is going to happen today.

Bob said...

Well, it was 60 in Hartford today, possibly 70 tomorrow. Your family will have a warm homecoming. Hope Ann and you are better real soon to enjoy the early Spring down there.