Sunday, February 18, 2018

Key West - Our first day of rain, on and off

Sarah with homemade donuts
Sarah: Today I woke up and helped mom make donuts because it’s a Sunday morning. After breakfast we got ready for the beach. Sadly it was too rainy, so Natalie and I just did some extra homework. We didn’t actually go to the beach because it started to rain so much. There was a big catamaran that almost hit the party boat when it was coming in (Editor's Note: the Party Boat was supposed to signal they were backing out with three toots on their horn, they did not. The catamaran was supposed to give one toot before they came around the corner so the Party Boat would be aware of their location, they did not - two wrongs). Also I decided to make a vision board of how I am going to become a captain. Today was a pretty down day due to the rain and I did everything in my bathing suit. Tonight for dinner were having some fresh shrimp and we had some chips for an appetizer. Nothing to crazy to talk about, but were still in beautiful Key West; to a better tomorrow.

Natalie: Today was Donut Sunday and supposed to be beach day but I will get to that later. Dad and I went out to the car before breakfast to get my drawing of Adele for art class, I worked on it a lot today with the help from Nana. When we came back from our little walk to also get coffee for the crew, there were lots of gray clouds and I smelled the air to see if it would rain and I was quit certain it wasn’t. We got back to the boat, got ready for the beach but sadly had started to rain even though my early forecast had predicted other wise (I had concluded the rain didn’t have a scent due to the different climate, because believe me, my nose is never wrong!). Most of the day was spent listening to the rain, doing my homework, and relaxing to Ms.Fisher’s Murder Mysteries! We will end the day with a very delicious shrimp, corn and potAtoes (I say that like the British)!   

The rain wasn't supposed to last all day but it didn't tail off until 2:00 and that was a little late for a day on the beach. So we just had a lazy day on the boat. Meanwhile, Sarah mapped out her future. She made a poster detailing her future activity with drawings and text after graduating from high school. Her path includes training to become a professional yacht master and then a move to Florida to work at one of the tour boats in the area, saving up her money to buy her first sailboat, probably a 25 ft sailboat. She will work on her Captain's License and become a First Mate on a boat and then gradually go up the scale to a 30 ft, then 50 ft and then 125 ft boat (it's all on the poster!) Finally she'll get a 200 ton license and enjoy a life on the sea. It's quite a plan. She's very determined, I have no doubt she'll do it. She's a Freshman in high school and already she has a plan for life! I find it amazing at such a young age. 

More people are coming to Key West!
Hoolie and I took a walk down Duval Street and found that Key West is attracting more people now. Duval was certainly more crowded than we first arrived. The crew will take advantage of the weather on Monday with a day at the beach at Fort Zachary. Ann has caught a cold from somewhere so we may stay at home, we'll see.