Sunday, February 4, 2018

Key West - A Sunset at Mallory Square

Time to head over - this is from our slip 
Today was a good day. We are going to go see the madness in Mallory Square. We are going to see the sun set as well. I have yet been able to a sun set at Key West manly due to the large crew ship in the way. We had donuts for breakfast. They tasted amazing as always, but they where donuts holes this time. A few weeks back nana ordered a donut maker. It came with 2 separate pans. You put on top and on bottom and volia you have a donut. That’s all I got for you today.      

We are now officially in Key West weather. The cockpit was opened up on all sides, the first time  since we've been in Key West. The weather for Carrie and Mike's visit look ideal with temps in the mid 70's and no rain, lots of sun. 

Crowds are gathered elbow to elbow, about three deep at least. The sunset is a big event in Key West
With this being a non-school day, Nana took the day off and we just enjoyed the sun. With the promise of a sunset, we headed over to Mallory Square for the sunset festivities. Usually, the area is filled with performers but not this time. Of course, the reason was probably the Super Bowl at 6:30. I'm sure the crowds would have been much greater on a non-Super Bowl night. 

Ah, the last of the setting light - there's that island that always seems to pop up
So we watched the sun set and the sky lit up with lots of orange and reds. You would like to have the sun set right on the horizon but as the sun sets, there always seems to be some far-off island that gets in the way. A green flash is only visible if the sun sets right on the horizon without an intervening island, I'm told. 

On Monday, it's time to get the boat ready for the Tuesday arrival of Finn's parents and brother for a week. I've got to find a place for all the stuff we've stored in the aft cabin, a day's job.