Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Key West - Pastels and we see Fiona play

Ann's pastel of the day
The wind had calmed down some more and Ann can now paint in the cockpit without fear of a gust toppling things over. She's  been away from pastels for awhile and she's getting back in the swing of it. I thought she did rather well with today's subject. Ann's looking forward to a month of uninterrupted painting in the cockpit.

The air was very clear and not so humid, no clouds but good color
We walked over to Key West Bite where they feature Fiona every Tuesday night starting at 7:30. She is Irish but she sings a wide assortment of songs. We just enjoy relaxing and listening. She is usually accompanied by two gentlemen who bring "Ugly Sticks" with them. They pound on the sticks, sort of in rhythm with the music and bounce them on the floor at the same time. It's rather odd. Traditionally, they search through the audience for prey to inflict the playing of the stick (by the prey). Tonight, Ann got caught and did her part for one song. It sure made a racket.

Ann got caught
We stayed for about an hour and walked back. It's nice for Fiona to be so close and not have to hop a bus for the entertainment. Ann's going to dedicate this week to resuming her painting. If we were at home, we would be holed up inside, nice to have such warm weather.