Saturday, February 10, 2018

Key West - Kids to Bahia Honda and we rest

Now in full bloom
Today was a fun day. We went to Bahia Honda. We went to the beach and snorkeled too. I saw a large parrotfish in the water and a few smaller fish and minnows. I tried to follow the minnows but I lost them as I tried to catch one of them. The sun has taken a great toll on us. We are all a bit edgy with each other so we have been trying to stay away from each other. Tonight’s menu is Caribbean jerk chicken. That’s all I did today.   

Not to be outdone
The kids wanted a day at the beach so they chose Bahia Honda and we chose Fleetwing. They had a grand time swimming and snorkeling and we had a grand time resting on the back of the boat! As you can see from the photos, the flowers are coming out now in droves due to the warm weather. We're in that period of time where we seek out the shady side of the street for our walks in the afternoon instead of the sunny side. We usually flip over to the shady side in March but it's been warmer than usual for this time of the year. With all the cool weather we've had on the trip down, we certainly don't mind the warmer than usual weather now! 

While not a flower, it's shells and they want to compete too
Sunday is donut day on Fleetwing but Ann has been baking her own donuts in the oven the last few weekends. She uses a special pan that shapes the dough into a donut and then they are dipped into cinnamon at the end. They have become a hit on Fleetwing. I love the taste.

Carrie and Mike are out for their traditional last dinner before leaving for the frozen north
Remember this home from last year, it's now worth $755K, it was built in 1924
Two bedrooms and one bath. Such is Key West real estate
 again. They have to fly back on Tuesday so they will leave Key West for a hotel Monday night in Ft Lauderdale. So goes another week in the sun!


Unknown said...

Baking those donuts is a much healthier way to go than frying whop biscuits the way Gram did. I must state my concern...however will you keep up with the current demand for donuts on Sunday??? What supply chain logic is at work here?

Unknown said...

Last Dec you were commencing a review of the iPad navigation software. Have the results been published? If so, point me to the right spot please

Bob423 said...

Ronald, the evaluation is done. All I have to do is the narrative on describing the results. Give me a few days. I’ve upped the total number of app evaluated to 14 now.

Billie said...

Finn, You should be a diplomat when you grow up, great wording. I get "edgy" with my sister ALOT!

Unknown said...

Just came through Fernandina Shallows. On your way north look for shoaling north of red bouy #2 encroaching in the dredged channel from the west.

Bob423 said...

Richard, thanks for the tip! Did you have any problem with depth when running along the 12 ft line to the east? Also, how was the dredged channel above G1B?