Friday, February 23, 2018

Key West - Shoes and Renewal

What a selection!
Ann was in need of new sandals so we went to the one place with the biggest selection, The Sandal Factory on Duval Street. She tried on a bunch and found what she wanted but they didn't have her size in stock. We were about to give up on that but the salesclerk offered to ship it from their Marathon store who did have it in stock. Yes, right... So with nothing to lose, I gave them one of my boat cards and sure enough, we got a call about a week later and they had it waiting for us. The store was in the 400 block of Duval Street so we just walked down to pick them up.

On the way back, a side street in bloom
This store is huge and has the biggest selection of sandals I've ever seen. Ann tried on the pair from Marathon and they fit perfectly, mission accomplished. On the way back, we took our customary detours through the back streets to see the trees in bloom and sure enough, there were several. We are not accomplished enough to know what they are other than they sure look pretty.

The entire boardwalk will eventually be all ipe covered. Here's the underlayment by the pool. 
On Saturday we meet up with Ed Tillett of Waterway Guide for lunch and discuss business prospects for his guide and how we may mutually benefit. It should be an interesting meeting, at least to me. I am dedicated to continuing to input to Active Captain, my blog, and my yearly guides but I will also be a part of Waterway Guide, at least for the ICW edition.