Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poughkeepsie YC - at our dock

The West Point Military Academy is always a dramatic sight
Today was OK. We had pizza for dinner so today was fun. My cosins left so that was sad. We are at the PYC club. We are HOME. We are having an early bedtime so I am a little disappointed just a little. We had a fun time on the river for 2 weeks I hope we have more like this. But before I go I need to tell you all something very special, the pizza was cheese.    

Storm King comes right to the edge of the Hudson River
The last day of our cruise with the grandkids was perfect. Ann prepared a favorite breakfast for Finn (pancakes and bacon) and we were off. The tide was against us all the way but we didn't care. We had a good view of all the magnificent sights along the way north including the palisades on the New Jersey coast which are about 300 to 500 ft high, very dramatic. Farther north you'll pass West Point and World's End where a chain barricade was placed across the Hudson Rive to prevent the English going farther north during the Revolutionary war. Just north of that you'll see Storm King Mountain which rises 1340 ft above the Hudson. In all it's a dramatic trip up the Hudson River.

Lots of barge traffic today, nobody could figure out what these were
The railway owns both sides of the Hudson for tracks so there is very little development since all the waterfront property is already taken by the trains. the Poughkeepsie YC is a rare exception where the trains take a small detour back from the water.

Home at last, we like it here too
Coming up on PYC we had about a 1 kt current behind us with a 15 kt wind, not ideal for coming into a face dock when there's a boat directly ahead of your slip. Ann was at the helm as usual and I supervised the crew with the lines. Ann decided on a Captain Ron maneuver and came at the dock at a 45 degree angle while moving with the current 1 kt towards the docked boat in front of our slip. At the last minute, Ann turned the boat 45 degrees and threw it in reverse just like Captain Ron in the movie of the same name. The boat stopped cold and snugged up against the dock. It was quickly tied off and we were in!

Our Connecticut crew is gone and we just have Rowan and Finn on board. We will get off the boat Monday and take them home Wednesday to Pennsylvania. We will undoubted spend a few days to rest up.

This marks the end of the temporary blog but it will continue starting 9/15 for our eighth trip to down the ICW to Key West. Be sure to join us then.


jack cothren said...

i now realize we saw you as you were late coming down the east river as we were headed out to the sound ... i had mentioned to kay "there a wee bit late" but never thought to look closely ... we are at port jeff with a day off tomorrow we do a long jump to the CT river and then thursday on to Noank ... "almost"!

Bob423 said...

Jack, we try to catch just the end of a flood tide at Hell Gate so when we round the corner at the Battery, the tide will be with us. Alas, that strategy did not work Saturday. With all the rain of the last few days, the Hudson was full of water and the tide never reversed until we reached Haverstraw!