Sunday, July 9, 2017

Branford - at a dock

Kiddy heaven, it's part of the dockage fee
Today was cool. Finn here. We actually SAILED today. My little brother left today too. I was really sad though I didn’t cry. Mathew is on the boat now. We went to dinner at Lenny’s. I had a huge burger. I could barely finish my fries. Today was a fun day. Good-bye.    

Crew duty;
Our sail today was rather short. We had 22 miles to go and couldn't afford a 6 hour trip at 3 kts (the wind was averaging 7 kts from directly aft of the  boat). The big attraction of Bruce and Johnson is the great swimming pool for the kids so we wanted to arrive in time for a good bout of swimming to exercise the crew. I waited until we were underway before formally making the reservations over DOCKWA, the only way they would accept the reservation. You credit card is charged at the time your reservation is accepted and you'll forfeit 1/2 of the dockage fee if you don't show up.

Fried food may not be best for you but it sure tastes good when it's done right
The other great attraction is Lenny's. It's a famous seafood restaurant that does fried clams like no other restaurant in the world. It's been featured by the New York Times as one of the very best for that speciality on the east coast. They have other menu items but it's like going to a French restaurant and ordering a hamburger. It would be good but it's not what they are best at. Nevertheless, one of our crew did just that! We tried to pretend he wasn't with us but he was too close by.

Our new crew for the next week
Sadly, Rowan chose to go back with Monique today and Natalie had to return for a chance to be in a play. On the other hand, Finn and Sarah stayed and we picked up Matthew who will be a junior at Roger Williams University this fall studying architecture. We will restart our adventure with our modified crew on Monday and head over to Mattituck for their town anchorage, no more marinas the rest of the way.