Saturday, July 8, 2017

Port Jefferson - at anchor

Yet another beach, this one at Port Jefferson
This is Sarah here and today was a great day! We started the morning with a nice breakfast and decided to head to port Jeff around 10. Grandpa pulled up the anchor, then I was able to steer the boat for a bit. We were able to put up the main sail and the jib, but we had to keep the diesel on because there wasn’t enough wind in our direction. It is really fun steering the boat because I like to learn so in the future me and Finn can have a boat of our own. Also it is nice to feel the wind in your hair and the water at your side. After I made lunch for my cousins and we were still just cruising along. We anchored, but had to move more further away from shore because of the depth and we went to the nearest beach. It was really nice going to the beach because I thought that the weather was hot and gross. After swimming and spending some time at the beach I stayed in the dink with Natalie to help Grandpa walk Hoolie. Now were settled down and just about to watch a movie before dinner, thanks for reading, bye!

Whatever you do, do not feed the swans at Port Jefferson I did once and found they were impossible to get rid of
Although the weather is nice for the Sound, the wind is not cooperating. Today we had less than 6 kts, not enough to even fill the sails. We headed out anyway since we wanted to get to Branford and the swimming pool at Bruce and Johnson with a dinner at Lenny's. When we arrived at Port Jefferson and immediately everyone headed for the beach! There's nothing like water to keep kids happy.

One of the great things about cruising Long Island Sound are all the excellent anchorages for free, many of which have sand beaches for kid entertainment. There's Manhasset with the free moorings, Northport by Sand City Island, Port Jefferson right by the entrance to starboard, Manatuck with the free anchorage area, Stonington with its designated anchorage area, North Cove free anchorage, and so on. You can cruise the entire Sound without every having to stay in a marina. The only problem is you do not always get wind.

We'll leave in the morning to reach Branford so the kids can enjoy the pool to their heart's content. We will meet Monique there and see who wants to get off the boat and who wants to stay for another week.