Monday, July 10, 2017

Mattituck Federal Anchorage

Our anchorage
Howdy! It is I the long lost Matthew! I make my triumphant return with a trade off at Branford with my younger sister Natalie. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the boat for more than a day sail. After a strong scrubbing of the cockpit, we had a pleasant ride out of Branford. We spotted a sub and went bonkers trying to get the binoculars up so we could take a closer look just to realize it was a tug and barge. The wind was real sassy today. Wouldn’t give more than 5 knots the whole ride over until we were just put the sails away when it picked up to 15. We are now anchored in Mattituck. I went ashore with Grandpa to get some supplies while Finn and Sarah swam off the back of the boat. Motoring the dink back and forth from shore to the boat was like riding a bike, one doesn’t forget the ever important landing maneuvers. For dinner we’re having some salsa and cheese chicken. I’ll be onboard until the end of the voyage on Sunday and will be adding to the blog till then. Happy sailing!

Matthew joined us for the rest of the trip. It's the same Matthew that we took to Maine 9 years ago! He's gotten a lot bigger, 240 lbs worth! We wanted so much to sail today but the wind just would not cooperate. It maxed out at 7 kts with 5 kts being the norm. So we motors all the way to Mattituck. 

The anchorage here is ideal. It's big enough for a half dozen boats but we're the only one present for now. There's a free dinghy dock provided by the town and lots of shops a short distance away. There's even a supermarket about 1/2 mile down the main road to the right not to mention the laundromat nearby too. 

Free dinghy dock too for access to town
We'll spend the night and the crew voted to return to Port Jefferson so they could all go swimming again on the beach by the anchorage. The water holds a big attraction for kids.