Friday, July 7, 2017

Northport by Sand Island - at anchor

Just add water, instant diversion. Lots of splashing resulted a few moments later.
Hi, I’m Rowan, I’m seven years old and this is my first cruise! Today we went to the beach!!! We had fun today doing motoring down the river. I saw two beaches and a catamaran in the morning. I splashed around in the water and I saw two seagulls.

Playing with my new 40x zoom, this nest is about 1000 ft distant
Tonight was Rowan's turn at the blog. We had to endure a raining morning and we didn't get started until 2:00 pm after waiting for the rain and winds to die down. Meanwhile the kids baked donut holes and made pizza for lunch (busy hands and all). The bad weather finally abated and we were off. The wind died as predicted but there were rollers coming head on to the boat as we headed east so we pitched up and down quite a lot, more than I expected. Rowan seemed immune to all the motion but the others felt it more although nobody got sick. Rowan was up and down the stairs, inside and out in the cockpit, no difference. The rest were subdued.

Starting to get some sunsets
Once at Northport, everybody wanted to take a trip to the beach at Sand Island. The anchorage is very protected and the beach is a popular place with the locals. The beach is more pebbles than sand but it had water to splash around, sold!

Tomorrow is predicted to be a sailing day so we're all looking forward to a sail to Port Jefferson and another appointment with a sandy beach.