Friday, July 14, 2017

Port Washington - at a free mooring

Sarah likes to steer the  boat! 
Hi this is Sarah and today was a very rainy day. This morning we had delightful biscuits with honey and had to wait out the rain. We were aiming to leave at 12:30 but there was a opening and we took it! I read my book, A Tree grows in Brooklyn, for a tiny bit until a felt a little sick and too nauseous to read to read. After a while I took my thirty minute shift and had lunch and rested for a little bit afterwards. Then we got to Port Washington and it was still raining. Before the our trip I took some motion sickness medicine and after we arrived in port Washington I could barley keep my eyes open and feel asleep. After I woke up and played on my phone and now I am doing the blog. After we have our dinner were going to watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, bye.

Racing sails!
We watched the weather radar to look for an opening and one came at 12:30 so we were off. There wasn't much wind and we didn't think we had to put out the mainsail for stabilization. That was a mistake. There were rollers coming off the Sound and they were hitting us broadside causing us to roll about 45 degrees in both directions. Everybody down below came up to he cockpit, it was not comfortable. We then up the mainsail up and that helped some but it still wasn't a good ride. 

When we turned the corner around the point and headed directly for Manhasset things got much better.We could see on the weather radar that we still had a window so we hurried along. Then the fog set in. We countered by turning on the running lights and powering up the ship's radar to see what's ahead of us in the fog. As you might expect, nobody else was out in this mess. We found the same mooring we used last time and then it started to rain. 

90 one day, today in the 60's, hardly summer weather
We hope to leave Manhasset around 7:00 am so we can make the tide through Hell Gate and reach Haverstraw Bay by the afternoon if all goes well. The next day we plan on reaching PYC.