Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Solomons - at anchor

Not many boats in the anchorage
Today was a traveling day that all days going south should be. The wind was directly behind us as were the waves and even the tide was with us. It was as calm as we've ever seen the Chesapeake and yet when we passed a boat headed north they reported that the mouth of the Potomac was so rough that they almost turned back! The Potomac is ahead of us yet on our way south.

Today we pulled into Solomons and  anchored at the end of the creek in 8 ft of water. The protection here is outstanding with high trees all around and no fetch for waves to build up. Adding to the ideal conditions is the availability of a dock supplied by the local Holiday Inn for visiting boaters for their dinghies. So we have easy land access and local markets for provisioning if we need it.

Unusual sunset for us, nice end to the day
The weather forecasts have turned for the worse. On Wednesday there's a small craft advisory out with gusts to 25 kts and 3 ft waves and Thursday is not much better. For that matter, neither is Friday and Saturday has reverted to the usual "We don't know" forecast of 5 to 10 kts that I'm sure will change as we approach the weekend. So it appears we'll be here for at least three days and probably longer. With that I'll do boat errands and we may rent a car for local exploring. Meanwhile, we are well protected and can ride out anything.  


Unknown said...

Great sunset! Almost as good as Florida:)