Thursday, September 25, 2014

Solomons - at anchor with a rental car

We're at the middle, right - just a dull, overcast day
Well, it's been a typical miserable Chesapeake Bay week, at least in our experience in early spring and early fall on our trips up and down the ICW. Lots of adverse wind, lots of cold weather, lots of rain and high winds. We've been sitting out the weather in Solomons waiting for the typical Chesapeake Bay weather to end for awhile so we can move south to warmer climes.

Meanwhile we rented a car today and made a trip to Walmart for provisions. The trip was made worthwhile just by the price of the Shell Rotella oil at $12.50/gal, 1/2 the price of that offered by West Marine. Many other items are similarly priced, including groceries. I can see why Walmart is so popular with cruisers.

We made lots of trips into the local Holiday Inn which provided docks for those anchored
Hoolie's outings were a wet proposition. I dressed in full raingear but Hoolie just had his fur. Off we went and a full toweling drydown was required upon return. Oh well, Hoolie didn't seem to mind. We're looking at the forecasts every few hours as you might expect. So far it looks like Saturday might be doable but that's far from certain. We'll know on Friday night at best. That would put us in Hampton on Sunday but nothing is certain when it comes to the weather.