Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cape May - at the Coast Guard anchorage

Good bye Atlantic City - Two of these towers are bankrupt (far right and far left)
The swells from hurricane xxxx are finally subsiding so we waiting until 10:30 and started out. There was no wind so there were no wind driven waves which made the ocean look like a lake except for the 4 ft swells. However, they were 15 seconds apart so you hardly noticed them. The  boat just went up and then it went down, no big deal. The lesson learned is not to pay attention to swells forcasts, pay attention to the wind and you don't want wind on the nose. Not only will it slow down the boat, it will also produce waves on the bow that will gradually grow in size until they start coming over the bow unless the wind is less than 10 kts.

Our August condo (left of space in middle)
With no wind, the trip down to Cape May was uneventful. There were more boats in the anchorage than we anticipated, seven in all. We had thought it would  be almost empty judging by the number of cruising boats we saw in Atlantic City (none heading south). I guess they were hiding somewhere else.

Well, I guess that's pretty plain, no Hoolie relief there
The anchorage here is calm at night but not when all the commercial boats come in around 4:00 pm, it's rock and roll then. We'll wait and see what the forecast is before heading out on Friday. One forecast says 15 kts winds, another one says gusts to 25. Perhaps they will converges by Friday?! Forecasts are such a crapshot!

The Coast Guard station is also the main training station for new recruits - they are always marching around
We plan to next stop at the Cohansey River anchorage and then move on to Chesapeake City the next day. The favorable tides (currents, actually) are all in the afternoon.