Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cohansey River - at anchor

All alone in the anchorage
We had to wait for low tide to get under the 55 ft bridges at the Cape Cod canal so we didn't get started until noon on our trip up the Delaware Bay. The forecast was for 10 to 15 kt winds out of the southeast which would put the winds behind us.

Hoolie liked the beach!
So we hauled anchor at noon and found it full of mud, that thing was dug in! However, it did come up easily when pulled directly overhead. With Ann at the helm, we headed to the canal. We passed under both bridges with 57 ft showing on the boards (it was a 0.9 ft low) and with our 55.3 ft mast, we cleared easily. All was well until we approached the exit where the two ferries were docked. We arrived just as one of the two ferries was coming in so we had to back up and wait for his arrival.

We hope for a calm night
Going forward I got too far over to the north side and ran aground. I put the engine in idle forward and just slid over to the south side of the channel and gradually saw deeper water, no big deal after four trips up and down the ICW (you get used to shallow water).

We are now anchored behind an island in front of the Cohansey River, protected from waves from the Bay and with Hoolie relief nearby on a sandy beach, ideal for us! We'll leave Sunday at 8:00 for Chesapeake City with the tides with us and then collect ourselves to see when to spring further down the Chesapeake.