Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Solomons - at anchor with lots of rain

Only three boats in the entire anchorage 
Lots of rain and high winds predicted for the bay today so we just decided to stay put. The large powerboat anchored ahead of us left this morning and about a couple of hours later we saw him come back in and anchor in the same place as before. I thought to myself, "We've done that!". The winds in the anchorage are very deceiving, nothing like what's happening out on the bay. We've taken more and more to believing the NOAA forecasts for the bay. They may be overly cautious for the ocean but they seem to have their act together for bay forecasts.

The powerboat went out this morning and then turned tail and returned when they saw what was happening on the bay
There's due to be even more rain on Thursday so we'll just be sitting here for at least Thursday and Friday and maybe even Saturday. We're in no rush, time is our friend, as the saying goes, and we intend taking advantage of every bit of it. We'll rent a car Thursday afternoon and explore the area, visit Walmart and Home Depot before returning the car Friday afternoon. We'll explore the area by dinghy on Saturday and hopefully the forecast for Sunday will be in our favor. We're two days out from Hampton, we just need two good days.